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The Pots & Pithoi of Greece

Since the Minoan civilisation, the potters of Crete have have transformed clay into ceramics of the highest quality.

The basic raw material for all pots is clay. When clay is first dug out of the ground it is full of stones and other material that needs to be removed. To do this the clay is mixed with water and the impurities sink to the bottom.  This process can be repeated many times - the more times it is done the smoother the final result will be. The clay is then kneaded by the potter and placed on a wheel. Once the clay is on the wheel the potter can shape it into any one of many designs.

Loading the kiln
Master potter at work

Wheelmade pottery dates back to roughly 2500 BC before which the coil method of making the pots was used. Most Greek vases were wheelmade, with decorative pieces being either hand formed or moulded and added to thrown pots.

Our ceramists work in the traditional way with natural materials to produce the highest quality decorative pots and planters to take pride of place in your home or garden. All are fired in wooden kiln which gives them the beautiful terracotta colour of traditional Cretan ceramics.

Pithoi (the plural of pithos) originally referred in ancient Greek to large storage jars of a characteristic shape. The word was at one point used by western classical archaeologists to mean the jars uncovered by excavation Greece and, in particular, Crete. It has now been adopted in the English language as a general word for a storage jar from any culture.

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